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The SWING ‘Lifestyle, on the Playboy Channel is now Playboy's Number 1 show now...... I know there are lots of people that would love to be in the lifestyle, but are scared for the unknown. Go check out a local party if you never had. We get lots of newbies that come to our parties and are nervous and after awhile they see it's great people having a great time we no pushy people that are trying to jump you bones LOL Only if yo
Take A Peek Into The SWING ‘Lifestyle,’ February 11th!

We’ve all heard about “the lifestyle,” right? That secret subculture where people in committed relationships bring a few extra partners into the bedroom? Some have claimed that it saved their marriage, while others found that it drove them further apart. Either way, “the lifestyle” carries a huge curiosity factor and makes a perfect premise for TV FOR 2. Oh yes, our second “couples-friendly” premiere promises to be just as provocative as BROOKLYN KINDA LOVE, but in an entirely new setting. SWING will be taking place at a gorgeous California estate and follow real fiancées, spouses, and devoted couples as they explore the uncharted waters of free love. Every week we will profile a new set of guests and introduce them to veteran swingers, relationship experts, and a world of sexual excess.

 TV love guru Anna David will guide them throughout the journey, addressing all of their questions, hesitations, and excitement about their upcoming indulgences. Throughout the weekend, experienced couple swappers will also share their stories, illustrating all of the benefits (and heartaches) that can accompany “the lifestyle.” Oh yea, and there’s one more surprise we haven’t told you about yet. A special area in the mansion we like to call The Red Room. No spoilers here, but keep an eye out for it. Once you make the decision to open its doors, you may never be the same again! Forget Bed & Breakfasts this coming Valentine’s weekend, we recommend checking into Chateau Swing! SWING premieres Friday February 11, at 10pm E/P!

Click the link below to see some previews. 

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